If a mold inspection for the Orange County home you hope to purchase came back positive, it’s natural to feel disappointed. However, it does not mean you have to give the residence up, especially if it’s your “dream house.” Review what you can do post-inspection to increase your chances of buying a mold-free home. 

Tell the Seller to Lower the Price

Let the seller know you are willing to pay for mold removal services if they will lower the selling price. Get a detailed estimate of what removal services will cost in light of the infestation’s extent, but wait until you have the final invoice for the seller to lower the price. Have the seller promise in writing that they will reduce the price according to how much mold removal services for the Orange County residence costs. Send the document to your real estate agent, real estate lawyer if applicable, and the seller’s agent so everyone has copies of the agreement. 

For best results, make it clear that you will choose the mold eradication service to ensure complete removal. Some sellers try to save money by having their friends remove mold, or by going for the cheapest estimate. 

Ask the Seller to Finance Mold Removal Services 

If the seller does not want to reduce the sale price, find out if they will pay for mold removal services. Again, put it in writing that you must agree on the company that will perform the service to prevent the seller from possibly “cutting corners.” 

Should the seller refuse to pay for mold services or lower the selling price, move on and look for other homes. However, most sellers are willing to do one or the other to sell their houses and move forward with their lives. A mold inspection is subsequently an essential piece of the “under contract” puzzle, as you do not want to pay for removal services once you are moved in, because the problem is no longer the seller’s. 

Work with the Orange County mold inspectors at Mold Masters for comprehensive inspection services.

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