Attics often provide ideal environments for mold, since the fungus thrives in dark, humid conditions. Timely mold removal services in your Orange County home keeps the fungus from spreading and causing additional problems, including allergic reactions such as coughing, wheezing, sneezing, and throat irritation. If you are uncertain what specifically causes mold to grow in attics, start your education here. 

Roof Leaks

Missing or broken shingles, damaged flashing, and deteriorating vent seals are among the most common reasons for roof leaks. Water infiltrates your attic, creating damp conditions for mold growth. You might see visible mold on insulation or the roof rafters depending on the infestation’s severity. If you find a leak, schedule repair services immediately in addition to mold removal. However, a roof replacement might be best if the system is old and prone to recurring problems. 

Exhaust Vents

Bathroom, kitchen, and dryer vents do not always vent outdoors. In some houses, they send hot, damp air into the attic. Moisture develops on walls and ceilings as a result, causing mold growth. The fungus flourishes in about 48 hours when conditions are right. If you can redirect vents outside, do so, otherwise make attic upgrades. Add exhaust fans that pull warm air out and vents that keep cool air circulating. 

Ventilation Issues

Poor ventilation allows humidity to build up in your attic. Your home might be missing eave and roof vents, or feature vents clogged with leaves, animal nests, and other debris. Have your vents professionally cleaned at least once a year to keep air circulating, or schedule installations if they are necessary. 

Missing or Deteriorating Insulation

Attic floor insulation provides a barrier between the storage space and hot interior air.  Since warm air rises, damaged or lacking insulation keeps your attic warm, damp, and mold-ready. Rising hot air also makes your HVAC system work overtime to maintain a comfortable home, which increases monthly utility costs. Schedule mold inspection services for your Orange County residence, then add or replace blanket insulation to avoid further problems. 

For Orange County mold testing services, contact Mold Masters today. 

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