Do you know if your home needs mold testing? Before you call in the professionals, it may help to know what mold is, how to spot it and how to prevent it.

The Basics of Mold

Found indoors and outdoors, mold is a fungus of which thousands of species exist. It grows in warm and humid areas and grows more spores to reproduce. Despite its love for humid areas, it can also survive in dry conditions. There are several common types of mold that grows indoor. These include Penicillium, Aspergillus, Cladosporium and Alternaria.

The Characteristics of Mold Spores

Mold is everywhere, even if you don’t see it. The microscopic spores typically aren’t larger than 40 microns, which is not even half the width of one hair. Because of the small size, mold easily grows and floats through the air without anybody noticing there is a problem. It feeds on decaying organic material and is especially prevalent in places with lots of vegetation, such as parks or farms. Places with a lot of rain or humidity have higher spore counts, and buildings in these areas are more likely to require mold removal.

Where to Find Mold

Mold is also prevalent indoors, especially in your home. You can often find it in the basement or laundry room, the bathroom or in moist areas in the kitchen. If your home was victim to flooding, it can also be in wood floors, carpet or the walls. Mold inside your home can cause a sore throat, stuffy nose or even more serious health problems. It is important to have a mold inspection if you even suspect your home is housing spores.

Decreasing Mold Exposure

You can decrease the possibility of mold spores by keeping your home’s humidity levels at 50 percent or lower and ensuring it has proper ventilation. Use mold-killing products when cleaning bathrooms and kitchens and avoid using carpet in rooms that have higher humidity levels. Regular mold testing further protects your home.

Mold testing for your home or business ensures the integrity of your property and health of you and your family or customers. Contact the professionals at Mold Masters Inc. to learn more.

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