Spring is a great time to declutter your home and clean all of those dark corners that have been collecting dust and who knows what else over the past year. While detailed cleaning can do wonders for stress levels, it can also cause a panic if you happen to discover mold or other pests hiding in your home. If mold is a concern in the back of your mind, here are four ways to see if it is growing in your home.

1. Smell

Mold has a rather distinct smell. It is musty and damp. It often grows in damp and dark places, so some of the best areas to check are around sinks and pipes or anywhere you’ve had a leak. If you notice a smell that reminds you of an old book or used bookstore, that may be an indication that mold is hiding somewhere nearby.

2. Visual Inspection

One of the best ways to tell if you have mold is to actually see it. You can easily do a visual mold inspection around your home by looking in the places it is most likely to grow. The bathroom is a common room to find different types of mold, but also check your kitchen and basement area and anywhere there are pipes. Keep in mind that mold comes in many different colors.

3. Home Test

You can also find a home test kit and test different parts of your home for mold. If you found something with your smell or visual inspection, a home test may tell you for sure if it is mold.

4. Professional Test

Probably the best way to get an accurate mold testing assessment is to have a professional do it. Professionals can also tell you if what you have in your home is toxic. If you have any patch of mold that is three feet by three feet or larger, mold removal may be necessary. Contact us today for your assessment or professional mold cleanup.

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