During the summer when it is hot out, you may just want to stay inside and have the AC blow in your face. However, you may inadvertently put yourself in danger if your home suffers from poor indoor air quality. In fact, summer can make the air even worse, and you need to be aware of the necessary actions to take to breathe easier in your house.

Airborne Pollutants

One reason why a home’s IAQ dips during the summer is due to pet dander and fur entering the atmosphere. If you have a dog or cat, then you need to be aware that it will shed more often during the summer due to the heat. Your pets can also bring in dust mites. It can be wise to invest in a HEPA vacuum cleaner, and you should also brush your furry friend regularly to keep its fur under control.

Excessive Humidity

Summertime also means humidity can escalate to dangerous levels. A lot of humidity can be uncomfortable to live in, and it also increases the home’s chances of developing mold. When mold forms, it can disrupt people’s allergies and exacerbate any respiratory illnesses in your family. Homeowners should purchase humidifiers to keep humidity levels below 50 percent.

Dirty Air Filters

Since you will be more reliant on your home’s HVAC system during the summer, you need to make sure all the component work correctly. One common problem that comes up is that the air filter becomes too dirty, and the system blows dirty and contaminants into your home. You should replace the air filter at least once a month. After making all these changes, perform air quality testing to see a substantial difference in your home’s IAQ.

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