The quality of indoor air at your school matters, as mold spores and other particles have the power to trigger allergic reactions. Rather than dealing with parents calling about their sick kids on a regular basis because of mold-related allergy and asthma attacks, learn ways to ensure your school remains fungus-free. And remember, if you need mold testing for the Orange County education center at any time, schedule services immediately. 

Ventilate Locker Room Showers

Make certain the shower areas in locker rooms vent damp air outside. Some ventilation systems vent moisture-filled air to other areas of the building, which allows mold to flourish. Exhaust fans that send damp air into the atmosphere are subsequently essential to mold control. Locker room comfort improves as well because the boys and girls enjoy drier air. 

Use Exhaust Fans in Food Prep & Restroom Areas

Check the condition of the exhaust fans not only in all locker rooms, but in the cafeteria. Food prep areas require quality exhaust systems to eliminate steam from cooking and baking activities. Your school’s restrooms need ventilation as well since they are naturally damp. 

Inspect For Water Stains Regularly 

Ask your janitorial team to inspect the walls and ceilings for water stains during their rounds. These stains are typically brownish-colored and indicate leaks in the plumbing or roofing system. If the technicians report water stains, have your Orange County mold inspectors identify the source of the leak(s) and provide remediation services as necessary. 

Keep the Humidity Under Control

Upgrade the air conditioning system in your school if it is old and inefficient to dry the air and reduce utility costs. You might also want to have a whole-school dehumidification system installed to combat excessive humidity. Such systems dry the air in all areas rather than a few rooms. 

Schedule Annual Mold Inspections 

Add yearly mold inspection services to your school’s budget. Doing so stays ahead of mold problems, allowing you to request removal services before the issue worsens. It also provides parents with peace of mind because they know their children are breathing healthy indoor air. 

For mold removal services in Orange County, contact Mold Masters today. 

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