When caught early enough, mold can quickly and easily be contained and addressed. That said, you may need to bring in professional mold removal service Orange County if you discover mold on a porous surface like drywall that can quickly be the site of a mold and mildew infestation. So how long does it usually take for mold to grow on drywall?

Mold Type

One of the first things to consider with mold growth is that the timeline depends on the type of mold you’re dealing with. That being said, in most cases, mold spores can start to develop and spread within 12 hours. Afterward, it can take anywhere from one to 12 days before the mold starts to colonize. With a mold inspection Venice, you can get a better idea of whether you caught the problem quickly enough that you can start mold remediation with little problem. One essential point to bear in mind is the fact that if there is any mold trapped in the drywall, it can weaken the structure and start to eat away at it over time.

Repair or Replace?

Once the mold problem has been found and confirmed, you have to decide whether it’s better to replace it or repair the drywall. While this question can most certainly be answered by an experienced professional, you can also take a look at the sheetrock. As long as the sheetrock is neither swollen nor sagging, you can likely just tighten the drywall to give yourself more time to address the matter. If the drywall is too badly damaged, you’ll need to have the affected portion cut out, removed and replaced by a professional.

Do you think there’s a chance your drywall has sustained water damage or mold? If so, contact an expert to have it inspected for full peace of mind and to head an avoidable disaster off at the pass.


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