It takes mold 48 hours to flourish in the right conditions, with most strains thriving in dark, damp environments. If your property includes a shed, mold prevention is key, since the small structure is dark most of the time. To help you maintain a fungus-free enclosure, review what your Orange County mold inspection team recommends. 

Ensure Sufficient Ventilation

Mold prevention in sheds starts with quality ventilation. The more fresh air circulating through your shed, the less chance there is for mold, which thrives in stagnant air. Recommended ventilation features for sheds include gable vents that encourage air circulation without allowing damp air in, and ridge vents in the small building’s roof. Ridge vents are air exhaust vents installed along roofing system peaks that allow hot air to escape. 

Never Store Wet or Damp Items

Wet lawn care equipment, tools, and supplies contribute to mold growth when they are stored in a dark shed. The same is true of anything else that is wet or damp, such as rain boots or soil fabric materials. Make certain everything going back in the shed is completely dry, which might require manual drying efforts with towels or allowing the items to dry in the sun. Also, check that each item is completely dry before storing it. 

Add Dehumidifiers 

If you live in a region that experiences high humidity regularly, dehumidifiers are a necessary shed addition. Non-motorized charcoal dehumidifiers might be enough to keep the storage space dry. Should your shed include outlets, motorized dehumidifiers of varying sizes help the space remain mold-free. Dehumidifiers include how much square footage they cover in their specifications, so measure your shed to purchase the right option. 

Keep Nearby Trees & Shrubs Trimmed 

Large shrubs and trees that cover shed windows encourage mold growth, since sunlight is a natural mold killer. By trimming the shrubs and trees surrounding your shed as necessary, more sunlight infiltrates the space to keep it dry and fungus-free. And because sunlight is so effective at killing mold, placing moldy items in the sun during cleaning activities makes certain the products in question are completely clean and safe. For mold remediation services in Los Angeles, please contact Mold Masters today. 

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