If you are among those who make resolutions for the new year, consider including mold control practices. Your Orange County mold testing service recommends numerous “resolutions” that help keep the detrimental fungus from spreading in your home. Take a minute to get inspired and enjoy a healthy, happy 2022. 

Resolution #1: Avoid High Humidity Levels

Humidity levels above 60% provide ideal conditions for mold growth. Since southern California is predisposed to humidity, take extra care to control your home’s moisture content in the new year. Use fans and dehumidifiers and ensure all exhaust vents discharge warm air outside.  Consider a whole-house dehumidifying system if individual devices are not enough. Ceiling fans also help keep air circulating to avoid serious mold problems. 

Resolution #2: Schedule Annual Mold Testing

Annual mold inspections and testing for your Orange County home are preventative measures. They identify minor mold issues before they have the chance to become large, expensive problems. Remember, any mold infestation over 10 square feet requires professional removal services to avoid inhaling a large number of spores. Most mold strains trigger allergic reactions, including coughing, sneezing, wheezing, eye watering, and throat irritation.  

Resolution #3: Perform Monthly Water Leak Inspections

Water damage is among the most common causes of mold growth in homes, such as under sinks with faulty pipes, in attics with leaking roofs, and within wall cavities featuring corroded or broken plumbing. Check under your sinks and around the toilets regularly for leaks, such as once a month, and educate yourself on hidden leak signs. Brownish stains on walls, unexplained wet flooring, and blistering paint are the most common signs to watch for. Schedule water damage repairs immediately in the event of a leak to prevent mold growth and property damage. 

Resolution #4: Clean the Gutters More Often

Gutters clogged with leaves, twigs, animal nests, and other organic debris do not allow rainwater to drain efficiently. The water backs up under roof shingles instead, causing wood rot and mold growth without timely repairs. Clean your gutters at least twice a year to prevent these issues, if not more depending on tree proximity. You can also install leaf guards that prevent large debris pieces from accumulating. 

For quality removal services, contact your Orange County mold inspectors at Mold Masters

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