It is not uncommon for homeowners to accidentally allow mold to grow in their residences. They might maintain clean, neat homes, but inadvertently do things that make it easy for the fungi to thrive. To help you keep your home fungi-free, review what your mold inspection team in Los Angeles wants homeowners everywhere to keep in mind. 

Ventilation Systems That Do Not Vent Outdoors

The kitchen, bathroom, and any other ventilation system in your home needs to vent outdoors. If one or more systems vent elsewhere, such as the attic or basement, it provides the opportunity for mold growth. Most mold strains prefer dark, damp environments, such as an attic with hot, damp air from the kitchen. If you continually deal with a mold issue in your home and do not know why, have the ventilation systems in your home inspected. Depending on the findings, they might need to be rerouted so hot, damp air is exhausted outside and away from your residence. 

Soft, Moist Foods Left Out at Room Temperature

A variety of mold strains appear on food, including soft, moist, porous options such as deli meats, breads, soft cheeses, fruits, and vegetables. To avoid creating an environment for mold in your kitchen, you’ll need more than a functional ventilation system. It is also important to keep susceptible food chilled, such as placing fruits and vegetables in your refrigerator’s crisper instead of leaving them out at room temperature. Food that will not be eaten for some time, like several packs of blueberries, should be frozen. Mold does not grow in cold environments. 

Not Cleaning Gutters As Needed

If the gutters surrounding your roofing system are allowed to become clogged with leaves, twigs, blown trash, animal nests, seeds, and other debris, rainwater cannot flow away from your home efficiently. It can back up under roofing shingles or spill over the sides of your gutters and enter the basement or crawlspace. Both of these issues allow mold to grow, such as the fungi breaking down wooden roof rafters or latching onto cardboard boxes in the basement. Cleaning your gutters twice a year or more avoids these problems. 

If you require mold removal services in Los Angeles, contact Mold Masters today. 

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