It gets everywhere. Unlike plant life, mold doesn’t need sunlight to thrive. With enough moisture and warmth, it quickly spreads. When conditions are favorable, the stuff grows immediately. It can damage property and make you sick.

To curb your risk, we recommend at least two professional mold inspections every year for homeowners and landlords. Our technicians spot the signs of danger before it’s too late. In the meantime, there are also some practical steps you can take and further limit your exposure.

  1. Control Humidity

Trapped pockets of moisture are a breeding ground for molds. Standing water evaporates and gets in between cracks in the walls.

Overlooking these water sources is a typical mistake:

  • Sweating pipes in old plumbing
  • Leaking seals in bathroom fixtures
  • Leaking window seals
  • Poor drainage along the roof and gutters
  • Water from sprinkler systems sprayed at the house

Even with proper home maintenance, humidity levels can still rise. Standing water in puddles or damp towels and clothing release water vapor into the air.

Always fix problems with your plumbing as soon as you become aware of them. Keep drainage clear. Clean up spills and dry clothing outdoors whenever possible.

  1. Control Air Quality

Take every opportunity to move fresh air through your home. Open windows and improve circulation with a fan. Not only does this reduce humidity, the outside air regulates temperatures.

Your air conditioning system also removes humidity from the air, but this is only effective if the system is functioning properly. Have your ducts and central air system inspected regularly.

A digital monitor also helps to estimate the humidity. Experts recommend no more than 60% humidity indoors to keep molds at bay. Observing a consistent problem with high humidity indicates that you may have another problem.

  1. Professional Help

Mold is aggressive, and you may suffer an infestation despite your best efforts. Mold Masters can help with professional preventative and mold removal services. Give us a call at (800) 371-4199 or send us a message right away.

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