Mold can appear throughout a home, including in storage areas. Your Orange County mold removal service wants you to know why mold appears in closets and the common warning signs to watch out for, which helps you maintain a healthy home.

Early detection prevents serious infestations, though you should still schedule removal services for any mold problem over 10 square feet to avoid allergic reactions. 

Reasons Mold Grows in Closets

Mold growth in closets can occur because of leaky plumbing that drips into the storage space. The detrimental fungus requires moisture to grow and reproduce, with most strains preferring dark environments. Mold also needs organic material to feed on, such as cotton clothes and cardboard boxes. A dark, damp closet subsequently provides an ideal environment for mold to flourish. 

Other reasons for mold growth in closets include high humidity. Since these spaces typically remain closed, they easily trap humidity, especially if the moisture level in the home’s air is already high. Attic mold can affect closets as well, as the fungus spreads quickly and can end up infiltrating the closed storage areas.

Signs to Watch For 

Musty, earthy odors are common when mold is present, and are among the initial warning signs. You might also experience allergic reactions every time you open or walk in the affected closet, such as coughing, sneezing, wheezing, throat irritation, and eye watering. If you cannot explain your reactions any other way, mold is the likely culprit. 

Other common mold signs include spores on walls, boxes, clothes, and other stored items that the fungus can break down, such as books and newspapers. The spores could be black, green, or white depending on the species. If you see mold, do not touch it with your bare hands to avoid skin irritation and spore disturbances that cause you to cough and sneeze. Instead, contact your Orange County mold inspectors to identify and remove the infestation if you believe it is 10 square feet or larger. 
Never let mold go unchecked, as the issue will only worsen. Count on the professionals at Mold Masters, your Orange County mold testing and removal service, to solve the problem for you quickly and effectively. 

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