Mold should be a concern all year round. No matter what, mold requires moisture to grow, and moisture often develops in the winter. Before this time of year comes around, your home should undergo mold testing in Santa Monica.

Winter Brings the Criteria Mold Needs

In addition to moisture, mold also needs warmth and food. For mold, food is any organic material comprised of carbon atoms. Therefore, mold can grow in any part of the home. Due to the increased likelihood of condensation, the only other criteria needed is warmth. While the temperature outside decreases during winter, homeowners are more likely to crank the thermostat to stay comfortable. Therefore, everything mold needs is right there once winter comes. No matter how careful you are, mold can still grow, which is why you need a thorough mold inspection in Venice at the beginning of the season.

Steps To Avoid Mold This Season

There are several ways you can significantly reduce your risk of mold during winter. You need to increase air circulation throughout the home and reduce the total level of humidity. You also need to repair any leaky areas immediately. A leaky faucet should never be ignored, and you will want to throw out any significantly water-damaged items, especially clothing and books. Finally, you should make sure you have a working exhaust fan in both the bathroom and kitchen. Steam can build up in these areas, and you should leave the exhaust fan on for at least 20 to 30 minutes after steaming up the room.

Winter is definitely a bad time for your household due to the increased likelihood of mold development. However, spring and summer can also be bad times for mold. You always need to be on the lookout, and you need to contact a professional before the mold grows out-of-hand. It is much easier to prevent mold than to get rid of it.

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