Water damage restoration can be a costly endeavor, so what can you do to reduce your risk for water damage during the coming rainy season? You are in luck because here are five ways to get your home and yard ready for massive precipitation.

  1. Clean Your Gutters

Many homeowners ignore the importance of clean gutters and that’s a big mistake. Gutters full of debris can’t function properly and you can have standing water in places that don’t drain well. While cleaning your gutters, make note of any holes or dents and have them repaired.

  1. Get a Sump Pump

Basements are usually below flood lines, so if you have one, it needs to have a sump pump. This drainage tool helps prevent the need for flood cleanup under your home.

  1. Inspect Windows and Doors

The edges of your windows and doors should be sealed to prevent water from coming in, but that sealant can shrink in dry weather. For small issues, you can use simple caulk for repairs. Larger issues should be seen to by a contractor.

  1. Turn Automatic Watering Systems Off

It can be convenient not to water your yard manually, but if rain is coming, your water system needs to be shut off. The extra water pumped onto your yard is not only wasteful, it can contribute to flooding on your property.

  1. Use Raised Beds for Winter Plants

Flooding in your yard can cause root vegetables to rot, meaning you lose all your hard work to grow those food plants yourself. Roots for flowers can also be damaged in flood conditions, so plan your garden accordingly.
When you protect your home and property from water damage, there is less need for flood cleanup. However, Mold Masters is on hand if anything happens during the rainy season. We are available at all hours of the day or night, so contact us online.

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