It’s pretty well-known that excess humidity when combined with the right temperature conditions, will very frequently lead to the growth of mold. Whether it’s black mold on walls or one of the various species of fruit and vegetable mold on produce, it’s natural to ask if a dehumidifier will kill those pesky colonies and let you get back to business. While you can do a lot for mold control with a dehumidifier unit, unfortunately, the answer is that it will not kill mold. Here’s a short explanation of what happens instead.

Dormancy, Not Death

Mold spores are made to be rugged, with some capable of surviving in extreme heat and cold, and others in low-pressure environments. When mold spores are exposed to hostile environments that don’t outright kill them, they become dormant. That’s what happens when you use a dehumidifier to arrest the spread of mold. There are some important points to remember about dormant mold spores:

  • They can reactivate in the presence of the right heat and humidity
  • It’s almost impossible to completely remove them from the environment
  • Once they stop growing, you still need mold removal Glendale to get rid of the existing growth
  • Regular cleaning reduces spores, making it more difficult for them to gain new purchase

What does all this boil down to? It’s simple, really. You’re going to help prevent new mold problems if you use a dehumidifier to keep things dry, but you still need regular deep cleanings to keep spores from accumulating over time, and you will also need some removal action to be taken to get rid of existing mold growth you can see in your living space.

Stay Ahead of Mold in Your Home

If you want to make sure mold problems don’t start up in your home, regular inspections are the key. A mold inspection Orange County can detect mold before you see it, so you can head off problems before they get to be a problem.

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