Without routine cleaning, roof gutters become clogged with leaves, twigs, animal nests, and other debris. Severe clogs interfere with their function, as rainwater cannot flow through the gutters, into the downspouts, and away from your property. If it’s been some time since your gutters were cleaned last, learn why your Orange County mold inspectors emphasize regular maintenance to prevent mold growth. 

Mold in the Roofing System

Clogged gutters often result in rainwater backing up under a roofing system instead of flowing away from the home. Once water enters a roofing system from compromised shingles or another problem, such as rusted, weakened flashing, it provides an ideal environment for mold growth. Most mold strains flourish in dark, damp environments, and take as little as 48 hours to reproduce. 

Mold within a roofing system can cause allergic reactions among household members, such as coughing, sneezing, wheezing, and headaches. It also weakens the roofing system’s wooden structural components since mold breaks down cellulose among other organic materials. Roof structural elements compromised by mold and wet rot became weak and spongy, and create problems such as depressions and sagging areas. Without timely repair or replacement services, the roof can partially if not fully collapse, causing potentially severe injuries to anyone inside and damaging household contents. 

Mold in the Basement 

Overflowing gutters clogged with debris can spill over their sides and pool around your home’s foundation. Water infiltrates any foundation cracks, widening them when it freezes and expands, which can eventually cause shifting. The liquid can also enter the basement and contribute to mold growth. Mildew and mold are common basement problems since the space is below-grade and constantly subject to moisture, especially in humid environments. 

That familiar musty odor can take over a basement, meaning mold is growing somewhere and can cause allergic reactions. The threat of structural damage is minimal since basement walls and floors are concrete; however, an infestation that spreads upward can affect wooden ceiling components and subsequently the home’s structural stability. Any infestation over 10 square feet requires professional remediation by your Orange County mold removal service to avoid excessive spore inhalation and related health problems.

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