You put an offer on your dream house, and the seller accepted. Now that you’re under contract, the inspection period starts. In addition to termite and general inspections, you need a mold inspection for the Orange County house. Learn why a mold inspection is something you cannot forgo, and what benefits it provides. 

An Inspection Lets You Know What You’re Dealing With

By scheduling a mold inspection with your Glendale-based mold removal service, you are learning whether the house has sustained serious water damage. Flooding of any kind allows mold to grow without immediate restoration services, as the fungi flourishes within 24 to 48 hours when conditions are right. Water damage causes wet rot that makes wooden structural materials spongy and weak, while mold breaks down the cellulose in wood to compromise the building’s structural stability further. Learning whether the house has sustained severe water and mold damage determines the amount of work it requires to remain a safe residential building. 

An Inspection Avoids Mold-Related Health Issues

In addition to causing significant structural damage when left unchecked, mold triggers allergic reactions such as coughing, sneezing, wheezing, headaches, congestion, watery eyes, and irritated throats. Depending on the strain present in the house, such as toxic black mold, long-term exposure can result nosebleeds, chronic headaches, respiratory infections, rashes and lung damage. Rather than dealing with unpleasant allergic reactions upon moving into your new home, learn whether the house has an infestation. 

An Inspection Gives You Negotiating Power 

Requesting a mold inspection while you are under contract allows you to negotiate if the inspectors uncover a problem. You can ask the seller to lower the price and pay for mold remediation yourself, which saves money because the owner is effectively covering removal service costs. If the owner does not want to lower the selling price, they can pay for remediation, allowing you to move into a newly-renovated house. In the event that the infestation is too severe or the owner will not cooperate, you can move on in your dream house search. Regardless of the outcome, the information a mold inspection provides is invaluable. 

Schedule mold testing for the Orange County home with Mold Masters today. 

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