Any significant mold infestation requires professional mold removal services by your Orange County team. However, it is possible to DIY minor mold infestations in your home, backyard shed, boat, vehicle, or anywhere else. “Minor” is defined as “10 square feet or less.” Since you can still inhale mold spores during cleaning or get them on your skin, review what your Los Angeles mold inspectors recommend for safe removal

Long-Sleeved Shirts and Pants

To avoid exposing your skin to mold spores, wear an old shirt with long sleeves. Old pants are also recommended. Avoid wearing anything with holes to prevent mold spore contact. If possible, wear pants you can easily tuck into your socks to further protect yourself. Old close-toed shoes are suggested as well.


Ventilation hole-free goggles are best for cleaning mold, since they create tight seals around your eyes that prevent spore infiltration. Never clean up mold without wearing goggles to avoid issues such as eye redness, irritation, and tearing. You might want to pair the goggles with a shower cap to keep spores out of your hair, since any that land among your strands can trigger allergic reactions. 

Long Gloves

Wearing long gloves provides ideal protection against mold, especially those that extend to the middle of your forearms. You can wear standard household rubber gloves if you are working with a mild detergent, Borax, white vinegar, or something similar. If you are cleaning mold with chlorine bleach or another biocide, wear gloves made of natural rubber. Those made of polyurethane or PVC, neoprene, or nitrile are also ideal, as these materials are strong enough to withstand biocide exposure. 

Never touch mold with your bare hands–if you do, immediately wash them with soap and water. Do not touch your eyes or skin with moldy hands to prevent irritation. 

N-95 Respirator

These respirators look similar to paper dust masks with one noticeable distinction: they have nozzles with removable cartridges that trap mold spores. Wearing one of these respirators is key to avoid inhaling mold spores and possibly getting sick. 

For professional mold removal in Orange County, contact the team at Mold Masters today. 

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