Mold thrives in wet, dark environments. That means if a flood ever develops in your home, you need to begin the water damage restoration process immediately. Prompt flood cleanup ensures mold’s development is hindered, and it keeps your house a secure, safe abode.

Document the Damage

Before removing the water or any belongings, you want to take pictures or video of the flood damage. You will want to send this documentation to your insurance provider. If you remove anything first, then there is a chance you will not receive the full benefits of your coverage.

Stay Safe

After you contact your insurance provider, as well as any other professionals to repair the sewer line, electric system or gas line, you may want to evacuate the building for the time being. It may not be safe, and your family’s health is paramount. You should find another place to stay until it is safe to go back inside.

Salvage Anything You Can

You can remove most of the water on your own with a sump pump. This is much easier than carrying water out in buckets. Before doing any of this, make sure you shut off the electric and gas system just in case. You can typically salvage:

  • Clothing
  • Linens
  • Appliances
  • Solid wood fixtures
  • Hardwood or linoleum floors

If there is still water in the vicinity, then wear hip-high waterproof boots to avoid contaminants. It is possible there will be sewage in the water.

Reduce Mold Damage

It only takes mold around 24 hours to develop. A dehumidifier can help make flooded rooms less humid. However, for most of the repairs, your only course of action is to hire professionals to address the root cause of mold.
Mold damage can be extensive. Take action immediately by contacting Mold Masters through our online contact form. From sewage cleanup to mold remediation, we are here to help you with anything.

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