If you are the manager of a condominium building or any similar property, staying ahead of mold growth is an ongoing task. To help you with your efforts, your mold removal team in Orange County put together the following guide. Keep these tips in mind for a healthier building with better air quality. 

Deal With Leaks Immediately

When leak issues are reported, such as pipe, window, ceiling, and roof leaks, take care of them as soon as possible. Controlling the moisture level in your building prevents mold from forming, since many strains flourish in dark, damp environments. Take extra care with spaces that are especially vulnerable to mold, including the basement, attic area if applicable, and storage closets. 

If water damage occurs, such as from a burst plumbing pipe, contact your local restoration team to mitigate the damage and prevent mold growth. 

Schedule Annual Mold Inspections

Professional mold inspections conducted on a yearly or biyearly basis let you know if the detrimental fungi is forming anywhere in the building. Mold testing specialists take samples to learn if mold is the issue and provide remediation suggestions as needed. If the inspectors do find mold, schedule removal services as soon as possible. Mold continues to spread unless it is eradicated and related issues are dealt with, such as a leaking roof. 

Keep Windows Open in the Pool Room

Many condominiums feature indoor pool rooms. If your building features such a room, keep the windows open throughout the year. Open windows allow fresh air to circulate throughout the space and therefore prevent condensation and mold growth. Ask owners and tenants to dry off thoroughly before they exit the pool room to avoid getting hallways and elevators wet. This is a safety as well as a health measure, since slick floors are slippery and dangerous. 

Make Certain Your Insurance Covers Mold Growth

Condominium insurance should include a section about mold damage. Review your policy and make changes if necessary for mold growth and damage coverage. You’ll also want to encourage owners and tenants to be vigilant about mold prevention, such as avoiding high humidity levels with dehumidifiers. They should always report mold issues quickly as well. 

For mold removal in Los Angeles, please contact Mold Masters today.  

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