A mold inspection for your Orange County home determines whether the detrimental fungi is present, and in what amounts. If you have never commissioned a mold inspection before and are unsure what the process entails, learn what to expect from your Orange County mold inspectors

Moisture & Water Damage Assessment

The inspection starts with a visual assessment of the building, including whether any obvious water damage is present. If the inspector suspects water damage behind the walls, further evaluations become necessary to determine the degree of contamination in wall cavities. The inspector also looks for moisture intrusion around the home, including all visible and non-visible areas. For example, moisture might have started invading your home through the foundation in addition to leaking through window gaps. 

Your inspection can take up to two hours depending on the size of the house.

Lab Analysis & Report

If the mold inspector believes mold is present, they will take air and surface samples for analysis. The samples get sent to a lab, which usually furnishes a report within 48 hours. The report includes detailed information about the samples, as well as the inspector’s findings and moisture testing results. If remediation is needed, the report provides information about the mold removal process, and related photos, diagrams, and environmental guidelines. Your report also includes preventive maintenance suggestions to keep mold from coming back. 

When Should You Schedule a Mold Inspection? 

Request mold inspection services from your Glendale remediation team any time you suspect a serious infestation. You might smell musty odors around your home indicating mold and mildew, or have experienced allergy symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, wheezing, watery eyes, and headaches. If any of these issues apply, schedule an inspection. 

Mold inspections are also strongly recommended during the house buying process. If you are under contract to purchase a home, schedule a mold inspection among others, such as pest and home inspections, to ensure the investment is worth the selling price. A mold infestation found after closing becomes your responsibility, not the sender’s. 

No matter why you need a mold inspection, call Mold Masters, your Orange County mold removal, testing, and inspection service. 

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