A visit to your vacation home should be about relaxation and fun. Unfortunately, there are instances when damage interrupts the good times, such as water damage. If you find water damage upon walking in your vacation residence, there are several important steps to take immediately. Review what your Los Angeles water damage team and mold inspectors strongly recommend. 

Soak Up the Water With Old Towels

If the water in question is not hazardous, such as water from a leaking air conditioner, use old towels to absorb the liquid. Depending on when the damage occurred, this can help prevent water from soaking into wood flooring, walls, carpeting, and other materials. Should you believe the water to be blackwater and therefore dangerous, do not go near it and schedule restoration services immediately. Water from any plumbing backup typically contains harmful bacteria that can make you and your family ill. 

Turn On Fans & Air Conditioners

As long as outlets are dry and there is no risk of electrocutions, use fans to dry your vacation home out. It also helps to turn on all air conditioners, if applicable, to remove moisture from various surfaces and the air. If you have a dehumidifier on hand or can obtain one easily, use it to extract moisture from the air and cut the humidity level. 

Inspect For Mold Growth

It takes most mold strains 48 to 72 hours to flourish in the right conditions. Water damage that occurs several days before you discover it can result in mold growth, so look for signs of the detrimental fungus. You might notice an earthy, musty odor upon entering the vacation residence, or see mold growing on the floor or walls. 

Schedule Remediation Services

If you believe mold is growing in your vacation home, contact your Orange County mold removal team as soon as possible! Waiting allows the fungus to flourish and possibly trigger allergic reactions such as coughing, wheezing, sneezing, sinus congestion, and eye watering. Allowing mold to spread can also cause serious property damage, such as ruined furniture and weakened wall support beams. 

Schedule mold inspection and removal services in Orange County with Mold Masters today. 

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