Water damage is usually an unforgiving destroyer of your home and belongings. Although floods are destructive, experts have developed techniques to somewhat minimize their havoc. Four areas where water typically does the most damage include the home’s contents, structural elements, systems and air quality.

What To Salvage, What To Trash

Flood water will ruin many items in your home without exception. Other possessions should be evaluated by trained professionals to determine if water damage restoration is possible.


  • Mattresses – Dispose of mattresses that come into contact with flood water. Continued use would likely prove harmful to your or your family’s health.
  • Furniture – Professionals can sometimes restore hardwood furniture. Typically, you should replace upholstered and veneer items.
  • Papers, Books and Photos – Experts recommend freezing items made from paper in air-tight containers. Thaw and dry the items slowly, and have professionals check for mold.


  • Appliances – Electrical appliances may be permanently damaged by flooding. Completely dry out and have an expert check before using.

How To Save Your Home

Damage to your home should be addressed as quickly as possible before it becomes irreparable. Have professionals evaluate your home’s basement, floors, walls and ceilings immediately after a flood. Follow any recommendations they give you about how to proceed with repairs and what to do first.

How To Handle Systems

It is sometimes easy to forget about possible harm to your home’s systems—plumbing, HVAC and electrical—after a flood. Do not attempt to use any of these systems until you have them thoroughly checked by qualified service professionals.

Who To Rely on When Mold Takes Hold

One often unseen but potentially harmful effect of a flood is the blooming of mold in your home. Only an expert can detect and eliminate noxious mold.

You may successfully do some initial flood cleanup on your own, but you will probably need professional help to make your home livable again. Mold Masters offers a wide variety of services to help you recover from the ravages of flooding. Contact us today to start the process of putting your home and your life back together.

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