Maintaining a mold-free home is just as much about what you do as what your family does. Everyone should work together to keep the harmful fungus from spreading and causing health issues such as coughing, sneezing, wheezing, throat irritation, and eye watering. Review what your mold removal experts in Orange County suggest for teaching your children about mold prevention. 

Hang Up Those Towels

Allowing wet towels to remain on the floor in the kids’ bathroom, in their rooms, in the hallway, or anywhere else contributes to mold growth. Most mold strains require dark, damp conditions to thrive. Hanging towels on hooks lets them drip-dry fully and help avoid mold and mildew growth. Your children should make a habit of hanging up their towels every time they finish bathing–you can set reminders in their bathroom about it or come up with fun songs to help them stay vigilant. 

Don’t Leave Food in Their Rooms

Food left in a child’s room does more than attract insects and vermin. Depending how long the food is left unattended, it allows mold to grow. Rotting food is also smelly and bacteria-ridden. Part of maintaining clean bedrooms must include food removal. Better yet, encourage the kids to eat in the kitchen instead of their rooms so you don’t find fuzzy plates under their beds or in their closets. 

Clean Pet Dishes Regularly

If your children are in charge of pet care, the food dishes of the resident cat or dog (or both) need routine cleaning. For example, if wet cat food is left out in the bowl for days, it can get moldy and make the feline sick if he or she eats it. Instruct the kids to remove any leftover food and seal it in a container in the fridge to prevent mold and vermin issues. For deep food dish cleaning, the kids should clean all food traces with dish soap and water. Next, they should wipe out the dishes with white vinegar, an effective and natural mold killer, before rinsing thoroughly. 

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