The mold spores that can get established in your home love humid (and dark) places. Humidity is their favorite environment and the months of late spring, just after the rainy season, to early summer are times when mold does its most devious work. The most cost-effective way to stay ahead of the situation is by scheduling a mold inspection in Orange County. This allows the experts to identify if you have a mold problem in your home and to give you options on how to address it.

What You Can Do

As a homeowner there are several steps you can take to decrease the likelihood of mold gaining a foothold. Many of these steps are fairly simple and are effective. Here are a few steps to consider:


  • Make sure you have adequate ventilation throughout your home
  • Have a plumber inspect your home for plumbing leaks at least once a year.
  • Set the humidity on your heating and cooling system at an appropriate level
  • Be on the lookout for musty odors and signs of discoloration on the walls
  • Inspect your attic and other areas that may not receive adequate light or ventilation

It’s important to note that you can’t always detect growing mold because its hidden, especially in its initial phases. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to schedule testing and inspection from trained mold inspection professionals.

What the Pros Can Do

When called to your home, a professional mold consultant will first conduct a physical examination of your property, which will include an indoor “x-ray” of your home with an infrared device or camera that detects hidden moisture. From there, they may take samples from the home and send into a  microbiology lab for analysis. This will determine if mold is present and what type of mold, and whether you’re dealing with a “toxic” or “black mold”. From there, the firm will rid the area of excess moisture and kill any mold present, since all mold, whether black mold or not, can pose health dangers. If the damage is extensive or it has contaminated the carpeting, additional or more aggressive mold removal measures may be called for.

For the best mold removal in Glendale make sure to contact a firm that is licensed and insured. By being aware of the dangers of mold in the summer, you can catch any problems early.

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