Spring cleaning traditions are more than just about cleaning your home. Spring is the perfect time to freshen your home that has been closed up all winter long.  A top-to-bottom cleaning can help you avoid big problems with mold. As you spruce up each room, you can check for excess moisture where mold can grow, affecting your indoor air quality. Contact a professional for mold inspection Venice for mold remediation and clean up.

Spring Cleaning Tips Inside the Home to Prevent Mold From Growing

Keeping your indoor humidity low, at least 60 percent or lower, minimizes mold growth. Mold needs moisture, warmth and an organic food source. Controlling these elements reduces mold growth on your carpets, in the insulation and on wood. During your spring cleaning, make sure to look for these issues.

  • Check under the sinks and around washing machines for plumbing leaks.
  • Clean under the refrigerator.
  • Wash around window sashes and seals. Look for places that have water damage to check for mold.
  • Scrub visible mold off hard surfaces with detergent and water.
  • If you’re concerned about the type of mold, get mold testing Orange County by professionals if you find mold.
  • Check around the ductwork and look for places that may have water damage. Repair and check for mold.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Outside the Home to Prevent Mold

Outside your home, you’ll want to clean and repair the roof gutters to make sure water can flow freely when it rains. Check around the foundation of the building to see if water collects, which can cause mold to grow on the inside of the home. Inspect your HVAC unit to make sure the drain lines flow properly. Clean the drain pans.

Contact Mold Professionals

If you do find mold, don’t panic. Mold professionals can help you make sure that the mold is cleaned up effectively and safely so that it doesn’t cause health problems or return.

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