Mold can cause severe, chronic and debilitating health conditions. Mold removal is dangerous because some of the cleaning products used by do-it-yourselfers can cause serious skin, eye and lung damage. Removing mold is best left to the Orange County mold removal service professionals who have the training, certification, equipment and experience to safely and permanently eliminate mold in your home.

The Human-to-Mold Interaction

A mold invasion within a confined space can cause even the healthiest person to develop symptoms ranging from allergic reactions to fulminant pulmonary compromise. For those with pre-existing lung diseases and immune system compromise, mold can become a serious detriment to their health.

The Human-to-Chemical Interaction

Mold removal can be dangerous because the common remedies used by do-it-yourselfers are typically bleach and/or ammonia. Exposure to these chemicals can also cause eye, skin, and lung damage. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a federal agency, strictly regulates these types of chemicals in order to protect workers. If OSHA restricts exposure to toxic mold and toxic chemicals in the workplace, then it stands to reason that individuals shouldn’t expose themselves and their families to the same dangerous toxins in their home.

Diagnosis and Treatment

An Orange County mold inspector will diagnose and recommend a treatment plan based on an inspection, sampling and data collection, analysis, environmental considerations and prevention.

Professional Intervention

A mold removal service Orange County will deploy the equipment and procedures necessary to safely and permanently remove mold. Intervention often includes:

  • Using safety equipment
  • Isolating affected areas
  • Employing dehumidifiers, vacuums, air scrubbers and chemicals
  • Following filtration and air cleaning procedures
  • Removing affected building materials
  • Applying sealers or encapsulants

Mold Removal

Just as a physician is required to safely diagnose and treat an infection, an experienced professional is also required to safely diagnose, treat and permanently remove a mold invasion. It wasn’t a curse that killed the people who disturbed King Tut’s tomb; it was mold. Mold removal doesn’t have to be the same kind of unsolved mystery. If you suspect you have mold in your home or other building, entrust your health, safety and assets to professional mold removal services.

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