Mold can get anywhere and everywhere, resulting in unhealthy indoor air and allergic reactions among household members. If you recently noticed mold on upholstered furniture due to spills that were not cleaned up quickly enough, don’t panic. Your Orange County mold inspectors emphasize that it is possible to get the detrimental fungi out of upholstered couches and chairs. Use these tips to maintain a more attractive, healthy home. 

Take the Furniture Outdoors & Brush It

Relocate all affected upholstered furniture to the backyard or other applicable outdoor space. Wear a mask to protect yourself from inhaling spores and brush the upholstery with a clean broom or dustpan brush. Any brush with stiff bristles will do, such as the upholstery brush attachment on your vacuum. If you use the vacuum attachment to lift mold spores from the upholstery, carefully dispose of the bag when you are finished. Mold loves darkness and will continue to multiply within the bag. 

Clean & Sanitize

Clean the upholstery thoroughly to ensure no mold spores re-enter your home. Use one of several DIY cleaning solutions to clean and sanitize upholstery, such as a mixing one cup each of water and rubbing alcohol, or water and ammonia. You can also use white vinegar to clean the upholstery and kill mold spores. Soap alone is not enough to destroy mold and mildew. Apply your chosen solution with a sponge until you can no longer see stains. 

Allow to Dry

Leave the upholstered furniture out in the sun since sunlight also kills mold spores. Keep the covers separate from the foam for efficient drying, if possible. Once everything is dry, bring it back in for use as normal. You can also launder upholstery covers in hot water and detergent for an even more thorough clean before placing them back on the foam. Do not dry the covers in the dryer to avoid shrinkage–hang them on a railing or clothesline instead. Ensure everything is completely dry to avoid further mold problems. 
If a mold issue has gotten out of control on upholstered furniture or anywhere else in your home, count on Mold Masters to solve the problem. The mold removal service assists residents throughout Orange County to help them maintain healthy homes and businesses.

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