Mold and mildew can cause a variety of problems for home and business owners. Among the many products the fungi “love” include awnings, particularly canvas awnings because they’re made of fabric. Learn what your Long Beach mold removal service recommends for removing mold from canvas awnings of all kinds, including those on residences, businesses, and RVs. 

Remove Loose & Attached Debris First

Take the awning down and use a hard-bristled brush to eliminate loose and attached debris such as leaf particles and bird excrement. Do not apply excessive pressure since the brush is strong enough to do the work for you. Too much pressure can damage the fabric, resilient as it is. You can also use a shop vacuum to suck up debris if you’re concerned about fabric damage. 

Wear a dust mask as you clean the awning to avoid inhaling mold spores and other particles. 

Apply White Vinegar Or a Hydrogen Peroxide Mixture

Spray the awning with either white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide since both have the power to kill the fungi. Do not use a soap and water mixture because it is not strong enough to fully eliminate mold and mildew. If you’re using white vinegar, spray the entire affected area. Ensure it is completely saturated before letting it stand for about 30 minutes. Use hot water and a scrub brush to finish the cleaning process. 

To use hydrogen peroxide, create a mixture of three parts warm water and one part peroxide. Spray the solution on an area of the awning that’s not immediately visible since peroxide can have a bleaching effect. Let the mixture sit for 15 minutes, then check for discoloration. If the awning color remains unchanged, soak the moldy sections in the solution and allow it to stand for another 15 minutes before scrubbing with hot water and a hard-bristled brush. 

Let the Awning Sit in the Sun 

Rinse the awning with water from your garden hose and place it in the sun to dry. Sunlight functions as another mold killer. Once the awning is completely dry, put it back where it belongs. Never roll a canvas awning up while it is still wet to prevent further mold problems. 
Work with the Orange County mold testing crew at Mold Masters for severe infestations. The company also provides mold inspection and removal services to clients throughout Los Angeles, Glendale, and the rest of Orange County. 

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