You scheduled mold testing for your Orange County home, and had the dangerous fungi removed. Now that your home is mold-free, you might wonder how to keep it that way. Review what your Long Beach mold removal experts want you to know about ensuring your home and subsequently its indoor air quality stay healthy. 

Fix Any Leaky Plumbing

Plumbing leaks within walls, under sinks, and anywhere else provide dark, damp environments for mold to flourish. So while mold removal services get rid of existing fungi, spores will keep multiplying if you do not deal with plumbing leaks efficiently. Schedule a plumbing inspection if you cannot find the source of leaks to repair and replace the pipes as necessary. Timely plumbing leak services also prevent water losses that increase your energy bill and harm the environment. 

Check the Humidity Level

Humidity levels above 50% allow mold to grow throughout your home because there is too much moisture in the air and excessive condensation on assorted surfaces. Keep the humidity level in your home between 30% and 50% to prevent mold growth. Use dehumidifiers and fans to maintain a drier residence, and make certain all ventilation systems are functional and not allowing hot, damp air to remain in your house. 

Ensure the Sump Pump Works

Most homes, especially those in flood-prone areas, feature sump pumps in their basements. Usually installed in a basement corner, the pump activates upon water contact to prevent severe flooding damage. Whether the washing machine starts leaking, there’s a major storm, or any other reason for basement water infiltration, such as clogged gutters, the sump pump directs the liquid away from your home. Get a sump pump installed if you do not have one, and periodically check its function by pouring some water into the sump pit. If the pump does not immediately turn on, have the device professionally serviced. A working sump pump also minimizes water damage and subsequent losses. 

Keep an Eye on Produce

Rotting produce encourages certain types of mold to grow. And while the mold is not as detrimental to health as other strains, such as black mold, it’s still best to prevent the fungi from spreading. Eat produce while it’s fresh and check bowls with fruit regularly for signs of mold growth. Throw out anything that’s compromised. 

Schedule yearly mold inspection services with your Orange County experts at Mold Masters as part of healthy home practices. 

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