If your house features a crawl space instead of a basement, preventing mold growth is key. Like basements, a crawl space can become compromised by mold because of its dark, damp nature. Review what your Los Angeles mold inspectors want you to know about keeping this space free of detrimental fungi. 

Look For Foundation Cracks

Walk around the perimeter of your home to check the foundation for cracks. Any cracks in the foundation and crawl space ceiling provide convenient paths for water to enter the space and contribute to mold growth. If you find cracks, have your local home construction and remodeling contractor seal them. 

Keep Up With the Gutter System

Ensure your gutters stay clog-free and the downspouts drain away from your home. Clogged gutters allow rainwater to spill over the sides and pool around your foundation, while incorrect downspout placement can mean water pours into the crawlspace. By keeping up with gutter system drainage, you’ll reduce crawl space dampness. 

Ensure the Dryer Vents Outside 

Make certain your dryer does not vent near the crawl space, which increases warm, damp air levels. By directing the vent as far away from your home as possible, you’ll maintain a drier crawl space. No household vents should “dump” into the crawl space or attic, if applicable, to avoid mold growth. 

Check For Ductwork & Plumbing Leaks

Routinely check your ductwork and exposed plumbing pipes for leaks that can make their way into the crawl space. Your Orange County mold testing service recommends fixing any leaks immediately to prevent serious water damage and mold growth. For pipes you cannot see, look for leak signs such as stained ceilings and walls. 

Utilize Insulation 

Insulate the space’s subfloor so soil moisture doesn’t get the chance to cause mold. Use plastic sheeting for best results since the sheets make it easy to spot standing water issues from assorted leaks, such as those from HVAC ductwork or pipes. You might also want to install a vapor barrier to guard against serious humidity problems. 

Schedule a mold inspection in Orange County by calling Mold Masters today. 

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