Like all other enclosed spaces, boats are vulnerable to mold. They are especially susceptible to mold in winter, particularly in high humidity regions. When chilly water makes contact with a warm boat, it causes condensation that creates a perfect environment for mold. 

Do Not Cover the Boat With Plastic

Refrain from covering the vessel with plastic as part of winterization processes. Doing so traps heat and moisture, causing the boat to sweat more. Allow the boat to breathe during winter by keeping it uncovered and securing all of the hatches instead. Secure hatches prevent water, insects, and debris from entering the watercraft. 

If you still want to cover the boat, place a loose tarp over it. The tarp should mainly cover the entrance to the boat, which allows it to breathe. 

Check For Leaks

Inspect the boat for leaks. Check all hatches and windows for moisture infiltrations. Depending how long a leak has been present, you might see mold. If you notice mold or mildew, clean the openings with white vinegar and allow the windows and hatches to dry before sealing them for winter. White vinegar kills mold instantly. For best results, clean your entire boat with a white vinegar solution before closing up for winter if you do not plan to live on the vessel. Visit it once a month during winter to check for moisture, mold, and any other issues. 

Use a Dehumidifier in the Bilge Area 

Place a dehumidifier in the bilge area, which is usually situated before the motor. The bilge makes up the bottom of the boat, and features a bilge pump for removing excess water. This pump must remain operable because boats “sweat” when they are warm and the water is cold. The resulting condensation affects the entire undercarriage of the boat, including the floor and under the seats. 

Putting a dehumidifier in the bilge area helps eliminate condensation. Empty the water from the appliance as often as necessary to keep it functioning at an optimal level and therefore prevent excessive moisture that will damage the floor. 

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