As one of the dampest rooms in your home, the bathroom can become subject to mold infestations quickly. If your bathroom always seems to feature mold, use these tips to fungi-proof the bathing space. Keep in mind that if you have an infestation over 10 square feet, contact your Orange County mold inspection and removal company.

Check the Ventilation

Ensure the ventilation system in your bathroom works properly. Too often, the fan may turn on but the system doesn’t actually vent damp air outside. Work with your local plumber to repair or replace your bathroom ventilation system if there always seems to be an excessive amount of moisture-rich air in the bathing space. Do this for every bathroom in your home, if applicable.

Use White Vinegar When You Clean

Wipe up that pink mold invading your shower with white vinegar. The clear, non-toxic, inexpensive liquid kills mold on contact, unlike soap. Use it to deal with any small infestation in your home. However, if you suspect a large infestation, contact your mold removal service in Orange County to avoid accidentally inhaling spores.

Open the Shower Window, If Applicable 

Allow damp air to exit your bathroom when you shower by opening the window. Many showers and tubs include windows that crank open to keep the room from accumulating too much moisture. If you have such a window, put it to good use so your bathroom isn’t excessively muggy when you finish bathing. Should you not have a window you can open in your bathroom, keep the fan on for about 20 minutes after you shower to direct moisture out.

Add a Small Dehumidifier 

Protect your bathroom from serious moisture accumulations by installing a small dehumidifier. The appliances come in a wide range of sizes to suit a variety of spaces, and since bathrooms are usually relatively small, you can easily find a dehumidifier that won’t take up too much floor space. The added moisture removal makes a big difference, especially if it seems like you are always wiping up mold.

Schedule mold testing with Mold Masters in Orange County if you think you have an infestation.

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