The attic can become a haven for mold. Hot air rises, allowing the room to remain warm, damp, and ideal for mold and mildew production. Review what your Orange County mold testing experts want you to know about preventing the fungi from invading the top space in your home. 

Ensure Sufficient Ventilation

Have roof soffit vents checked for functionality since they can become clogged with debris such as bird nests that prevent warm air from escaping. Ensure all other ventilation systems work properly to keep hot air from accumulating in your attic. Bathroom and kitchen vents often “discharge” into attics and subsequently require ductwork extensions. 

Inspect For Roof Leaks

Prevent water from infiltrating your attic and contributing to mold with routine roof inspections. Contractors identify and repair leaks to keep the attic dry, including those around dissimilar material joinings, such as around the chimney, skylight, and attic windows. Quick roof leak fixes not only help prevent mold growth, they avoid wood rot issues. 

Install An Attic Fan

Keep air circulating in your attic by installing a large fan. A bigger fan allows you to run it on low so you don’t hear it or pay too much more in utility costs. If possible, install the fan in an attic window facing the outside so it draws hot air out. 

Know the Signs of Attic Mold

Familiarize yourself with the signs of mold in your attic so you can take prompt action. Musty odors, damp insulation, discolored wood, and raised shingles indicate moisture and the presence of mold and mildew. Wet roof valley areas and condensation under the vapor barrier also tell you mold is present or will be soon. Schedule a mold inspection for your Glendale home if you believe there’s an infestation. 

Consider Finishing the Attic

Think about turning the attic into another bedroom, home office, or other livable space. You can either run dehumidifiers and fans among other portable devices to maintain a comfortable, dry room, or allow the heating and air conditioning system to extend into the attic. Either way, mold problems disappear. 
If the attic or anywhere else in your home features mold, contact your Orange County mold inspectors at Mold Masters today. 

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