Mold can pop up in many places within a home, including the kids’ toys. If you discover mold growth on any of your children’s playthings, it’s natural to be a bit horrified. However, mold is a common household issue and there is plenty you can do about it. Review what your Los Angeles mold inspectors recommend regarding the next steps.

Assess the Damage

Most moldy toys can be cleaned and sanitized. Determine the degree of damage by first donning the right gear, such as a mask, goggles, and rubber gloves–this helps prevent mold inhalation and skin contact. Place the moldy toys in a plastic bag and take them outside to keep spores from spreading throughout your home further. 

Once you are outdoors, examine each moldy toy. If the entire toy is covered with mold, it might be best to throw it out. Toys with minimum mold are easier to clean and typically can be restored. You can still attempt to clean severely-moldy toys, especially if they hold sentimental value to your children. 

Clean the Toys Thoroughly

Different cleaning practices are used for different toys. For plastic and wooden toys, soak them in a solution of ¼ cup of white vinegar and 1 gallon of water for about an hour. White vinegar is non-toxic and effective, making it an ideal (and inexpensive) mold killer. If there is still mold on the toys, use a scrub brush to dislodge the remaining spores and consider soaking them again. 

For stuffed toys, you’ll need to remove the inner fluff and perform the same soaking actions. Removing the fluff prevents mold from spreading within the toys and you can purchase new fluff at craft/hobby stores. Use scissors to make holes in the toys for fluff removal. 

It is also a good idea to leave the newly-cleaned toys in the sun for at least eight hours. The sun is another natural mold killer. Make sure your children know not to play with the toys until you are certain they are mold-free. 

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