Mold testing in Orange County is an essential service whenever you think the fungi is invading your space. It is also an important service to schedule following flooding or other serious water damage. Learn more about mold inspection and testing services from your Los Angeles mold inspectors today to help determine what your home needs. 

How Long Does a Mold Inspection Last?

Most mold inspections last one to two hours using modern testing technology, and include services such as identifying leaks and other areas of water infiltration. How long each inspection takes depends on the square footage in question, with larger homes and businesses naturally requiring longer inspections. An inspection can also last more than two hours if several samples are taken for lab analyses, including air samples. 

What Does a Mold Inspection Report Typically Include?

Like the inspections, mold testing reports differ in light of the situation. However, most reports include lab analyses of samples, assuming any were taken, along with moisture testing results and all other findings. Such reports can also include recommended steps for remediation, or complete mold removal, and related environmental guidelines. Photos and diagrams of the findings are usually included as well, as are preventative tips like using dehumidifiers and fans, monitoring indoor humidity levels, staying ahead of plumbing leaks, cleaning up spills immediately, and using white vinegar to clean. 

Reports are available anywhere from the same day to one week later. A report always takes longer if a lab analysis is needed. 

What Happens If Mold Removal Services Are Needed?

The cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing of household contents is the usual next step if the mold report calls for it. Many items that might not seem recoverable can be saved by mold remediation experts. Other services include complete removal of mold from all applicable surfaces and testing the air for cleanliness. If mold removal is needed, the inspectors provide detailed estimates of the total costs. 
If you believe your home or business requires mold testing, do not hesitate to contact the team at Mold Masters! These Orange County-based experts provide the thorough inspections residents throughout the region need to maintain safe, mold-free premises. 

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