A recent spill or plumbing issue on or near your carpet could have left you with an unexpected and unwelcome problem: mold. While you can always turn to mold removal in long beach to address the issue, you may be able to handle the problem on your own. Here are a few tips for handling mold that’s sprouted in your carpet.

Small Patches of Mold Growth

If it’s just a small patch of mold that’s attached itself to your carpet, you may be able to take care of it with a steam-cleaning machine. Depending on the overall amount of mold, you may need to use something stronger than steam-cleaning detergent. After you’ve treated the area, it’s vital to do everything you can to dry it out as thoroughly as possible.

Besides steam-cleaning the carpet, you may need to completely remove the area of carpet that’s infested with mold. You can replace it with the same color carpet or carpet of a similar color and pattern.

Large Patches of Mold

For larger spots of mold, a dehumidifier can dry out the carpet, and you can also use a wet/dry Shop-Vac. You can also utilize a brush to work mold free from your carpet. From there, use a steam cleaner.

Keep the Area Well-Ventilated

No matter the size of the mold infestation, you have to ventilate and isolate the area to keep the issue from spreading. For this, you can use:

  • Plastic sheeting
  • Closed doors
  • Fans
  • Open windows

Anti-fungal sprays are also a good way to stop the spread of mold. Just spritz the affected area along with the area around it. 

Whether you manage to take care of the mold in your carpet, or if the mold is too much to handle on your own, it’s a good idea to look into professional mold inspection venice. Experts can check to ensure you’ve fully handled the issue, or take care of it for you. 

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