Water damage restoration in Orange County is vital for ensuring your home is safe and inhabitable after unexpected flooding. The exact time it takes to dry out your home after it receives water damage varies depending on the amount of water and the extent of the damage. However, in most cases, the process is complete in 2-3 days. If damage was significant, it may take up to a week. It helps to understand what to expect during the restoration process.

Before Cleanup Begins

When you call a mold remediation company, its technicians will perform several necessary tasks before the cleaning portion begins. The first step is to remove the water and repair any problem that created it, such as a burst pipe. This helps to prevent more mold from growing. Next, the team isolates the contaminated area by closing doors and windows. They may also cover it in polyethylene sheeting if the remediation problem is a Level 2. After sealing off the area, they’ll mist it to suppress dust, which causes the spores to move through the air. Then, the team will remove all wet or mold-damaged items from the space, placing smaller ones in plastic bags.

During Cleanup

After the remediation technicians remove everything from the affected area, the cleanup process begins. This will include using wire brushes on non-porous and wood surfaces and scrubbing moldy areas with detergent and cloths. If the problem is Level 2, the technicians use a HEPA vacuum on every surface before switching to the detergent and cloths. The cleaning process is complete when there is no visible dust or dirt.

After Cleanup

After removing the mold, the team of mold remediation experts will place fans and dehumidifiers around the affected area to help it dry more quickly. Any items that couldn’t be cleaned to remove mold must be thrown away and replaced.

Water damage and the resulting mold is a serious problem for any home or business. Contact a specialist for flood cleanup in Los Angeles to prevent further damage.

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