Seasonal changes bring new challenges to your home’s air quality, which is why regular testing and an adaptable plan for managing that quality are both essential to today’s home owners. In addition to periodic air quality testing Orange County maintenance professionals recommend a wide range of preventive measures to help increase the quality of your indoor air. Taking these steps as the seasons turn and then maintaining good habits throughout spring and summer can go a long way to helping you enjoy fresher air indoors, and since most people spend about 90% of their time inside, that makes a big difference for your overall quality of life.

How To Improve Spring and Summer Air Quality Indoors

The first thing to do is to replace your air filters in your heating and air conditioning systems at the turn of the season. Most filters are designed for 90 day replacement, so you will need to change them with every season all year. Performance filters sometimes have longer recommended lifetimes, so check out the individual filters you purchase when setting your calendar reminders. After that, you can take the following steps to further improve your air quality:

  • Consider air sealing services to isolate garages, workshops, and other sources of indoor pollutants from the rest of the home
  • Consider a home air circulation system if you don’t have one already
  • Clean your ducts to prevent the buildup of dust, dander, and debris that can become airborne when your HVAC kicks on
  • Remember to clean the house regularly to reduce dust, dander, and other things that can get into your ducts, too
  • Humidity control is important, so use a dehumidifier in any areas that tend to trap moisture.

Get Tested Today

The first step to figuring out improved indoor air quality is finding out how your home is doing right now. Book an appointment for air quality testing Los Angeles today and find out.

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