When the weather turns chilly, air quality is worse, as well because cold air traps pollutants near ground level, where you can more easily breathe them in. For most people, cold weather also means more time spent indoors, where it’s easier to stay warm. But if you think staying indoors means you are escaping pollution, think again. Indoor air quality is also much worse during the winter. That’s why air quality testing Orange County style means monitoring your indoor environment too.

Why Indoor Air is Dangerous

When homeowners turn off the air conditioning, they are also turning off their home’s most effective indoor air cleaner. What helps keep allergens and dust mites from bothering you during the summer sits idle in winter, when you need it most. Along with whatever outside air pollutants seep into your home, you’re also breathing more of the nitrogen dioxide emitted by gas stoves, gases emitted by cleaning compounds, allergens, dust mites and more. Finding a reputable business to aid you with air quality testing Los Angeles is an essential winter safety precaution.

How to Safeguard Against Indoor Perils

Stepping up your cleaning habits can help you stay ahead of dust mites and other allergens. Choose organic cleansers to prevent adding harmful particles to your indoor environment. Some additional precautions include the following:

  • Smoke outdoors in an area away from doors and windows.
  • Ensure rooms are well-ventilated. This may mean opening a window whenever the weather allows you to admit fresh air.
  • Get air ducts cleaned annually, as well as gas jets if you have a gas stove.

Another good idea is to get outside whenever possible to breathe fresh air. Even with trapped pollutants, the outside air quality is most often higher than indoor air quality.

In winter and throughout the year, monitoring your indoor air quality is essential to staying healthy. Contact a professional service for help getting, and keeping, your indoor air in shape.

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