Many common situations call for a mold inspection. Perhaps you’re purchasing a new residence, or restoring your current home after fire damage. Maybe you’re experiencing symptoms such as running nose, itchy eyes or frequent sneezing. These and other scenarios are good reasons to schedule a mold inspection Orange County, but knowing what a mold inspection involves can help you be better prepared for this process.

The Onsite Inspection

Mold inspections typically take one to two hours. Upon arrival, the inspector will speak with you first and ask about any visual signs of mold. Keep in mind that for all the mold you see, there may be a great deal hidden in other areas:

  • Behind drywall, paneling, wallpaper and tile
  • Under carpets and rugs
  • On wall surfaces behind furniture
  • Around pipes and air ducts

Your inspector will take multiple samples from inside your home. Before entering, the inspector usually gathers an outdoor sample to use as a baseline for comparing indoor samples. As part of the process, inspectors also examine your property’s overall condition.

Laboratory Testing

After samples from your property have been collected, they’re sent to a microbiology lab for analysis. Since many types of testing may be performed, turnaround times can vary from one day to one week. Some common lab tests include spore trap analysis, spore counts, cultures, microscopic examination, dust examination and wood decay analysis.

After testing is complete, you’ll receive the results and be able to take necessary action. Depending on the company you hired for testing, you may have also received an estimate for mold abatement.

Hire a Reputable Professional

Many mold inspectors work for professional damage restoration and mold remediation services. You aren’t obligated to hire the same company to remove any mold found, but its technicians already have the experience, equipment and techniques to rectify the problem. Be sure to choose a fully licensed, bonded and insured business to perform your inspection and mold removal Glendale.

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