Inspect Your Home for Mold Before Summer Hits

As you start planning your summer vacation and activities while spring is in full bloom, be sure you take out time to schedule a mold inspection orange county. See for yourself why it’s best to get well ahead of a potential mold outbreak before temperatures start heating up.

April Showers Can Bring May Mold

Mold thrives on moisture. Spring showers can create the perfect growing conditions for any mold your home may already have. It’s best to have a professional inspector take a close and careful look at your home’s basement, attic and crawl spaces for any signs of mold you may not yet be aware of.  You could have already noticed a few indications of mold:

  • Odd odors
  • Sagging drywall
  • Crumbling drywall

Let an inspector help you get to the bottom of what’s going on.

Humidity Can Allow Mold To Grow Out of Control

One of the main reasons to look into mold removal glendale before the summer season is because high humidity can give mold a booster shot. Besides the most common areas of residential mold growth mentioned above, poor ventilation can allow mold to gain a sizeable foothold in your home. Kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms are susceptible to high amounts of humidity no matter the season, and the extra heat and humidity summer brings can allow mold issues to worsen further if you also have poor airflow in your home.

Get Ahead of an Avoidable Disaster

Rather than wait to receive the devastating news that you need mold remediation, it’s better to get ahead of the problem. Go ahead and schedule an appointment with an experienced inspector now. A single inspection can save you a lot of headache, anxiety and money.

Learn more about the dangers of mold and what you can do to combat it. Contact an expert company today to protect your home along with your peace of mind.

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