For many homeowners, the deck is an extension of the home and a place for families to gather and relax. It is also for friends and neighbors to congregate and a space to simply relax and enjoy the surroundings. And while wooden deck maintenance is not too intense, there are times when mold and mildew can form. Mold typically crops up when the wood is exposed to dark, damp conditions for an extended period, such as wet leaf piles that are not cleaned up quickly enough. If you recently noticed mold on your wooden deck, cleaning it prevents the fungus from spreading and compromising the wood’s structural stability. Review what your Los Angeles mold inspectors recommend regarding deck mold removal. 

Pressure Washer Method

If damaging the deck finish is not an issue because the current finish is deteriorating and needs replacing, consider using a pressure washer to remove the mold. Powerful jets of water blast away mold, mildew, and other grime, leaving the surface spotless. For best results, set the pressure washer to 1,500 psi with a 40- to 60-degree and add an environmentally-friendly cleaning solution. While bleach kills mold, it can end up draining into nearby grass and flower beds. 

Once the mold is completely gone, rinse the deck with water. Any cleaning solution left on the wooden surface can make it slippery and dangerous. 

Manual Method

Should you prefer to remove the mold manually because of a new finish or lack of pressure washer access, procure a bucket and an applicable cleaning solution, such as white vinegar, oxygen bleach, or laundry detergent. Add about ⅓ of your chosen cleanser per gallon of water to the bucket, then use a broom or scrub brush to remove the mold. Rinse the deck with your garden hose to remove the remaining solution. 

Additional Tips

Protective gear helps prevent mold spore inhalation, which is especially essential if you are removing the fungi manually and therefore in closer contact. Wear thick rubber gloves, long sleeves and pants, goggles, and a mask to avoid mold allergy symptoms such as sneezing, wheezing, and coughing. 
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