The landscape surrounding your yard can help protect your home from flood damage…or not. To ensure your property is not flood-friendly, review tips from your water damage restoration company in Orange County. The right tactics keep your home dry and free of both water and mold damage. 

Check the Grading

The soil around your home needs to slope away from the building, not towards it. Grading that slopes towards the house makes it easy for flood water to infiltrate foundation cracks, basement window gaps and holes, and any other points of entry. You might want to schedule professional grading services to make certain the soil does not invite flood water in. Adding non-organic mulch around the property, like pebbles and river rocks, also impedes the flow of water. Organic mulch, such as bark and wood chips, have the same effect but attract wood-boring insects. 

Consider a French Drain

A French drain consists of gravel-filled trench that leads to an adjoining pipe. These drains are typically installed in low-lying property areas to provide flood water with a place to flow away from the structure. The pipe either sends the water into the street and subsequently the nearest storm drain, or into a drainage pond. Either way, a French drain helps your property remain flood-free in the event of a major storm. If you have the space for a French drain and flooding has been a consistent issue, discuss ideas with the local general contractor. 

Plant Flood-Controlling Vegetation 

Numerous plants and flowers help control flooding, as they are hardy with strong root systems. Some of the best options include ferns, assorted wildflowers, shrubs, and small trees. When planting trees and shrubs, keep water and sewer line locations in mind. Roots naturally look for the nearest water source and can wrap around buried plumbing pipes, causing them to crack and clog. If you do not know where these lines are located, call your local 811 number to have a government worker mark the lines for free. 
For flood cleanup services in Orange County, contact Mold Masters today. 

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