Flood damage can have a catastrophic effect on a home, so taking steps to avoid it is essential. There are many ways to protect your residence from heavy water damage, including making changes to the property surrounding it. Review tips from your Los Angeles mold inspectors to ensure your property is safe from flooding. 

Check the Grade Around Your Home

The soil surrounding your home should slope away from the residence, not towards it. If the grade slopes towards your home, water can easily infiltrate the structure via foundation cracks and basement windows. Water in foundation cracks undergoes freeze/thaw cycles that cause the cracks to expand and possibly compromise the home’s structural stability. In addition to grading the soil as necessary, seal any foundation cracks and use caulk around basement windows to protect from flooding. 

Aerate the Lawn

Scheduling lawn aeration services every fall prevents compacted soil that cannot absorb rainwater easily and quickly. It also causes fertilizer runoff issues that prevent grasses and plants from receiving vital nutrients. Aerating the lawn removes soil plugs, which breaks up compacted areas. The plugs are left on the lawn to break down and provide the soil with nutrients. 

Consider Installing a French Drain

French drains are installed in low property areas. They feature mesh wiring topped with rocks that lead into a drain. Water travels into the drain and then an adjoining drainage pond or the street. French drains not only curb flood damage, they prevent waterlogged, dead soil and plants. Poor-draining soil also attracts insects, such as mosquitoes that breed in stagnant water and leave painful bites on the skin. 

Plant Water-Loving Greenery

Wet property areas benefit from water-loving plants, such as winterberry, inkberry bushes, horsetail, and sweet pepper brush, among many others. Planting such greenery helps prevent flooding–depending on your property’s layout, consider creating a water garden. Also known as rain gardens, these gardens additionally provide food and shelter for beneficial insects, such as butterflies, filter pollutants in water runoff, and create unique focal points. 
If you need water damage restoration or mold removal services at any time, contact Mold Masters

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