If you are preparing to put your boat in storage, protecting it from mold is naturally essential. Without the right preventive measures, mold can take over the vessel’s interior and cause significant damage. Review what your Los Angeles mold inspectors want you to know about mold prevention in stored watercrafts. 

Open All of the Hatches & Seats

In most boats, the seats open up to easily access various mechanical parts. Leaving these seats open while your boat is in storage helps air circulate and keep the interior dry, as does opening every hatch the vessel features. Optimal air circulation prevents stale air and condensation that allow mold to flourish. It’s also a good idea to put a fan in the boat, such as one that’s battery operated or can be plugged into an outlet in the storage unit via an extension cord. The more air that flows through the watercraft, the better. 

Use Dehumidifiers

Both charcoal and electronic dehumidifiers extract moisture from the air to keep your boat interior dry and mold-free. Use whichever product is right for your storage needs in light of outlet resources. Depending on the size of your vessel, several small dehumidifiers might be necessary to maintain a dry interior. If you use charcoal versions, you’ll want to replace them as recommended by the manufacturer. Standard dehumidifiers also need periodic dumping to avoid wasting energy and dealing with a humid, possibly moldy boat interior. 

Consider Climate-Controlled Storage

Climate-controlled storage eliminates the need for dehumidifiers, which saves time and effort. A climate-controlled unit keeps the temperature the same year round, such as 73 degrees Fahrenheit with zero humidity. If you opt for this unit, you’ll enjoy greater peace of mind knowing your boat is secure and mold-free. 

Even if a standard indoor unit is what’s available, you’ll still protect your boat from the elements. Outdoor dry dock does not offer these benefits and requires covering the vessel with canvas or tarp materials to protect it as much as possible. 

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