Whether you want to store wooden furniture in your garage, a separate enclosure on your property, your basement, or a storage unit, mold prevention is key. Since wood is a natural material, mold feeds on it and eventually compromises its structural stability. To preserve your wooden furniture for future use, review what your Los Angeles mold removal team recommends. 

Clean the Furniture First

Before placing the furniture in storage, clean each piece thoroughly. Furniture covered in dirt, dust, and grime is more attractive to mold spores, because it provides the moisture it needs to thrive. Clean wooden furniture with a mild soap and water solution, though you can also use a furniture cleaner or a white vinegar and water solution. White vinegar kills mold on contact. 

If the wooden furniture includes upholstered sections, vacuum or brush out the crevices to eliminate assorted crumbs and dirt particles. Use an upholstery cleaner to remove any stains. Ensure everything is completely dry before placing the pieces in storage, since damp or wet furniture promotes mold growth. 

Use Moisture Barriers

A moisture barrier keeps wooden furniture from making direct contact with the floor and therefore protects against flooding or leaks. You don’t have to spend a lot on a quality moisture barrier–a tarp or plastic sheet works. You can also place the furniture on pallets to prevent immediate floor contact. 

When arranging the furniture in your selected storage space, avoid placing pieces against walls. Mold can reach the furniture through any wall cracks. The same is true of doors, so keep furniture away from all doors as well. 

Encourage Airflow

If the furniture will go in a storage space on your property, consider keeping a window slightly open to promote airflow. You can also add one or more fans to ensure the air circulates. If you are working with an off-premise storage unit, choose a larger unit so your items are not jammed together. This allows for more airflow to reduce mold risks. 

It also helps to add a dehumidifier to the storage space. Electronic and charcoal options both keep the moisture level low, so choose what’s right for you. 

For mold inspections in Orange County, contact Mold Masters today. 

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