Children’s toys can become targets for mold, especially those that get wet and remain in damp, dark conditions for several days. It is usually possible to clean moldy toys with household products such as white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, which allows your children to enjoy them for many more months and years. To help you prevent mold on your kids’ toys, review the following suggestions from your Orange County mold removal team

Allow Squeezy Bathtub Toys to Drain

Many bathtub toys allow children to fill them with water and squirt the liquid back out again. However, any water left in these toys quickly creates an environment for mold. Make certain these toys have fully drained before storing them to avoid mold problems. If you need to wash the toys because of mold or any other reason, check that they are fully dry, then temporarily plug the holes with hot glue. You’ll enjoy extra peace of mind knowing more water will not enter the toys and provide space for mold to flourish. 

Ensure Toys Do Not Get Mixed With Wet Clothes & Towels

It is not uncommon for favorite toys to get mixed in with damp laundry and towels. Since toys left among wet items create conditions for mold, encourage your kids to put their toys away and hang towels on hooks. In terms of wet clothes, try to launder them as soon as possible to avoid mold and mildew growth. If you come across wet toys at any time, place them in your dryer, if applicable. You can also leave them in the sun to dry, since sunlight is a natural mold killer. Make sure the toys are totally dry before placing them in your children’s rooms or playrooms. 

Spritz Toys Periodically With a White Vinegar Solution

To keep toys that frequently get wet or damp from becoming mold-ridden, spritz them with a white vinegar and water solution. Use about ¼ vinegar for every cup of water to make an effective cleaning solution. You can pair the spritzing with sunlight exposure to ensure the toys are completely dry and mold-free. 

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