The kitchen is one of the spaces in the home most susceptible to mold due to cooking and baking-related high humidity levels. If your kitchen is busier than usual during the holiday season, preventing mold is key to enjoying the festivities. To help you maintain a mold-free kitchen this holiday, review the following guide from your Orange County mold removal service

Check the Kitchen Ventilation System

Your kitchen’s ventilation system should be fully functional. It should also vent outdoors, not into the attic, basement, crawlspace, or anywhere else to avoid mold growth and subsequent allergic reactions. There is also the risk of property damage–for example, if the vent sends warm, damp air into your attic, any mold that grows can start breaking down wooden structural components. 

If you think your kitchen ventilation system is not functioning at the highest level or vents somewhere other than outside, have it inspected and fixed as necessary to enjoy a healthier home this holiday season and beyond. 

Keep a Dehumidifier Nearby

When holiday cooking and baking is a routine occurrence or happens on a large scale several days out of the month, the resulting humidity encourages mold growth. Adding a dehumidifier to your kitchen removes excess moisture from cooking and baking activities. It also makes the room more comfortable, since serious humidity takes away from the fun of holiday food prep. Dehumidifiers come in numerous sizes to accommodate different square footage, so look for one that is large enough for your kitchen and the surrounding space. 

Use the Ceiling Fan, if Applicable 

Most kitchens are equipped with ceiling fans that circulate the air without seriously increasing utility costs. If your kitchen has a ceiling fan, keep it on during all significant holiday baking and cooking activities. If your kitchen does not feature this fan but you will be busy in your kitchen throughout December, consider having one installed. Ceiling fan installations are typically simple, quick jobs for electricians. You might want to have ceiling fans installed throughout your house to circulate the air and enjoy a more comfortable residence. 

For mold inspection and removal services in Orange County, please contact Mold Masters today. 

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