Perhaps you need to store various items in a self-storage unit, or will use your basement, garage, or attic. No matter where you plan to store various things, preventing mold growth is imperative. Review what your Orange County mold inspectors suggest for maintaining a fungus-free storage space. 

Use Moisture Absorbers

Keep mold from reproducing on cardboard boxes, clothes, paper products, and other organic items with moisture absorbers. These non-mechanical products contain silica that draws moisture from the air. A mere 1kg of silica absorbs some 400mL of water. Since there’s about 4mL of water per cubic foot in a space with over 60% humidity, these absorbers do a wonderful job of maintaining a dry space. 

Refrain From Using Plastic Covers

Use old sheets and towels to cover furniture in storage. Plastic sheeting can seem like a good way to protect furnishings, but it harbors moisture to risk severe mold growth and related damage. Avoid using plastic for storage purposes and take off plastic sheets on furniture you plan to store. The only plastic to use in storage is hard plastic bins with sealable lids–they do not trap moisture and keep vermin out to preserve your belongings. 

Work With Dust Bags

Protect accessories, such as handbags, in storage with dust bags. Choose bags made of breathable materials only, as synthetic materials can harbor moisture. Bags made of 100% cotton work for handbags and shoes made of leather to prevent mold growth. Mold breaks down any organic material it lands on, including leather. 

Clean Everything Prior to Storing

Give everything going in storage a thorough cleaning to eliminate any mold spores they might feature. For example, if you are storing clothes, wash them and allow each piece to dry completely before adding them to your unit, basement, attic, or garage. Wooden materials benefit from white vinegar-water cleaning, since vinegar is a natural mold killer. 

Check Your Stuff

Visit the storage unit or other space every month to ensure mold isn’t growing. If you do find an infestation over 10 square feet despite your efforts, schedule mold removal services with your Orange County team. 
For mold inspections in Orange County, please contact Mold Masters today. 

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